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The music of Manaus is not restricted to its wildlife. The Paris of the Tropics, as it became known in the late 19th Century, is home to a remarkable cultural monument: the Teatro Amazonas (Amazon Theatre), a majestic opera house that dominates the citys main square. Jan 14, 2014 Construction on the neoclassical style Teatro Amazonas (Amazon Theatre) began in Manaus in 1884.

Sparing no expense, the barons imported artists, designers and materials from across Europe. Roofing came from Alsace, furniture from Paris, marble from Italy, and steel from England. Sep 12, 2018 Highly recommend a tour to this Opera house. It was like stepping back in time. The tour was brought to life by the English speaking guide. Highly recommend. The opera house, called the Teatro Amazonas, was effectively closed for most of the 20th Century. However it was used in scenes of the Werner Herzog film Fitzcarraldo (1982).

After a gap of almost 90 years, it reopened to produce live opera in 1997 and is now attracting performers from all over the world. Manaus Opera House The Amazon Theater is one of the most important monuments left by the exhilarating rubber boom period. It was preserved as a national partimony in 1965, and will celebrate its centenary in 1996, in perfect condition after a thorough renovation that left The Manaus Opera House is a popular historical attraction when visiting the city of Manaus.

Construction on the beautiful pink and white Renaissance style opera house, located in the midst of the Amazon Rainforest, began in 1884 with completion of the building occurring fifteen years later. Manaus Theatre is a working historical landmark with scheduled operas by renowned performers, ballets, Jul 01, 2008 These are pictures of the Manaus Opera House that we toured on the last day of our visit.

Avril 14 Aphex Twin To help visitors gain a better understanding about the city of Manaus, Amazonas, we have collected the following video clips and Youtube movies. These include films about the Amazon, the Ponta Negra area and the general region, as well as short movies showing the famous Amazonas Opera House, the Museu do Seringal Vila Paraiso and the 'Meeting Teatro Amazonas Opera House Tours Much of the wealth of Manaus came from its days as the region's major port city during the rubber boom.

That era was also known for its beautiful architecture and a fine example of that Belle Epoque style of the late 1800s is Manaus' opera house, the Teatro Amazonas. The Amazon Theatre (Portuguese: Teatro Amazonas) is an opera house located in Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. It is the location of the annual Festival Amazonas de pera (Amazonas Opera Festival) and the home of the Amazonas Philharmonic Orchestra which regularly rehearses and performs at the Amazon Theater along with choirs, musical concerts and other With the invention of artificial rubber, Manaus lost its main source of income.

The wealthy left town, and the opera house closed down. There wasnt a single performance in Teatro Amazonas for 90 years, excepting its cameo appearance in Werner Herzogs movie Fitzcarraldo. Jul 20, 2018 The Grand Opera House is quite a surprising building when you consider Manaus is basically in the rain forest region.

Built in 1896 during the regions boom years or rubber plantations, it used to attract top entertainment of that period from abroad. Product Features INCLUDES: Big Ben (447 pcs) and Sydney Opera House (436 pcs).

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