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That Vishal Bhardwaj is an extraordinary admirer of The Minstrels work is guaranteed. Popular for his Shakespearetrilogy, some of Vishals best films have been adjustments of the writers works.

Furthermore, trilogy with Haider, his interpretation of Hamlet, set in 10 Intense Dialogues From Haider To Remind You Why The Film Is One Of Bollywoods Best by Devika Sahni That Vishal Bhardwaj is a great admirer of The Bard's work is a given. Check Out Latest Shahid Kapoor Haider Movie Dialogues. Soon after the release of the Bang Bang dialogue promo, the makers of Haider have also released the first dialogue trailer of their film. While Bang Bang is being promoted as an action film on the Most peaceful day of the year, the Haider team is calling October 2nd as the Day of revenge.

Weaved with the thread of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' into a story portraying the life and times of an insurgencyhit Kashmir, Haider was not just a movie, but perfection on screen.

Haider is the upcoming movie of Vishal Bharadwaj based on the william Shakespeares Hamlet. Films by Vishal Bharadwaj always gives us some great dialogues We have seen some great dialogues by langda Tyagi(Saif Ali Khan) in his Omkara. Jab tak hum apne inteqam se azaad nahi ho jaate tab tak koi azaadi hum mein azaad nahi kar sakti Haider is Chutzpah and inkeeping with the same vein, I will rate this film the highest I have ever gone with a movie.

This is an easy 4. 55. " [49 Critic Subhash K. Jha with immense praise felt, " Haider is a beast that just won't be tamed by regular cinematic definitions.

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